5 Simple Ways To Avoid Screen Damage On Your Device

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Smartphones have evolved to be a mini version of a laptop with official business and entertainment features available at the tip of your fingers. Increasing complexity has also increased the risk of usage. Since these devices are handheld and are available during most of our waking hours, the chances of them falling down and incurring screen damage are inevitable. People with kids at home will definitely know the pain of broken screens. In fact, phone screen repair Adelaide is some of the most sought after searches in Adelaide. Here are 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Screen Damage On Your Device. 

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Screen Damage On Your Device 

1. Fit a Bumper Case to the phone: 
Putting a bumper case is one of the most common and effective methods to prevent your phone from cracking. Depending on the choice of the user, there are usually two types of cases available in the market: stylish one and heavy built one. The former is a light case that can barely reduce the damage of a heavy fall and are only good enough for protecting the phone from minor scratches. The latter, although not very pleasing to the eye has a good and strong build quality. Although they might add some more weight to your phone, they will absorb the maximum damage if you drop your phone from a normally reasonable height. The heavy-duty ridges which are installed on the edges of the phone absorb the shock of the drop through the bumper case. 

2. High-quality tempered glass: 
Tempered glass screen protectors like the gorilla tempered glass act as insurance for the screen below since it absorbs almost all the damage and prevents the screen from cracking. They are easily replaceable and installing them costs only around AUD 6 or more depending on the quality of the protector and the technologies applied to it. Some brands also include an oleophobic coating in the protectors that reduces fingerprints smudges. Although there are plastic alternatives that are cheaper, it is recommended to stick to glass protectors as they are thicker than the plastic ones and are more durable. Although there were difficulties in adding tempered glass for curved screen edges, there are suitable options available from many manufacturers.

3. Use of Pop Sockets: 
Phones are dropped most when we try to position them at a height with a single hand, typically for taking a selfie or holding the torch on. The introduction of pop sockets has proven to be a great tool to hold your phone more easily and strongly. They are small plastic contraptions that can be attached to the back of your phone with a circular base, a flexible stem, and a stylish disc. Using Pop sockets texting or taking a selfie is not a danger to your phone anymore. Depending on the thickness of your fingers, you can use either one or two fingers to grip the pop socket to instantly feel a firmer grip and hold on the phone. Customized pop sockets add an aesthetic value to the phone as well as protection. 

4. Use of a Skin (preferably rubber) for extra grip: 
Sleek is the new trend and most premium phones are moving to a thin, sleek back made of glass or other smooth surfaces. Although they look marvellous, the chances of the phone being dropped have greatly increased because of this. Adding a skin on your phone is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to add more grip to your phone. With the help of the skin, you will feel more comfortable while holding your phone because of the added grip. And of course, you can flaunt your favourite marvel hero on it. 

5. Car phone holder: 
Although driving and phone usage don’t go hand in hand, we have seen a lot of instances where people drop their phones while trying to use them with one hand on the wheel and the other on the phone. Whether it is for navigation, texting or attending a call, it is always important to take caution. The use of a firm car phone holder eliminates the need for holding the phone. Thus the phones and the owners stay protected while driving. 

How To Protect Your Smartphone Screen From Damage 
Now that you understand the 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Screen Damage On Your Device, it should give you an idea of how to take precautionary measures against screen damage. Sometimes having a firm hold on your phone at all times can be the basic thing you can do to protect your smartphone from screen damage. Also, it goes without saying that screen replacements are pretty expensive beyond certain damage levels. So make sure to use quality phone cases and try to limit the usage of smartphones while in motion. More times than not, phones get dropped when we check them while walking. Then again, never try and repair your phone on your own. It could lead to more damages than anything else. If the warranty period is intact, submit the phone for screen repair/replacement at the earliest. Else, take it to a trusted phone screen repair Adelaide for a quick analysis and repair quotation. 

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