5 Tips to Choose a Mobile Phone in Australia

Mobile Phone in Australia

Mobile Smartphones have become a constant companion in today’s world. The convenience they add to one’s life is huge. With new and advanced technology being developed regularly, newer and better models of smartphones are launched by all leading companies annually. If all goes well and you have not broken or lost your phone, the average life of a smartphone is 3-4 years. Beyond that, it tends to slow down or become incompatible with the latest updates. With plenty of experienced phone repair centers in Adelaide, repairing is easy but sometimes the cost incurred cannot justify reviving the outdated device. So buying a new phone is the way to go. But how do you decide on the phone to buy next in 2021?                                 

1. Outright Vs Plan

The traditional method of purchasing the mobile phone using money or credit cards is termed outright purchase. There are numerous offers that entice customers to swipe that card and own the latest model of the new iPhone or Android depending on their bank. This ensures that the phone is owned by you from day one. The other option is by enrolling in a clubbed plan with your network carrier. Mobile companies tie up with the local network providers to promote their brand. Network Postpaid plans often provide you with an option to buy or lease a mobile phone handset and the associated cost of the handset will be included in your monthly payment. This is actually a win-win situation for all parties involved since the customers would anyway pay for the network service on a monthly basis. So adding a small monthly instalment to that will lessen the burden of spending your cash or CC balance on this expense. The network can ensure a loyal customer for the next 9-12 months under the postpaid plan and the mobile phone company will have increased sales for their high margin models.


2. Operating Systems

The Choice of the OS on your phone is really a matter of opinion. iPhone is the most popular choice in Australia followed closely by Samsung which is Android. While iPhone boasts high security, advanced video recording resolutions, and smooth UI, Androids within the same budget have an upper hand in ease of use, advanced camera quality, and a superior extensive list of android applications. There are pros and cons for each type, so finalizing this point really helps you to narrow down your choices. If you want to know more about the repair cost involved, walk into Daddys Phones which is a famous Phone repair center in Adelaide.


3. Network Compatibility

The network keeps upgrading with evolving technology. So make sure to select the flagship phone which supports the latest network. Also if you planning to switch your existing network because of poor service in areas where you spend the majority of your time, check around and finalize on the most relevant network. Checking about whether they have plans for specific brands can help you with your decision. Having a dual sim slot is a deciding factor if you have 2 Sim cards.


4. Specifications

This really is a broad subject. The various specifications that are displayed on the company website may seem like Latin to many since it’s not every day that you search about phone specifications. However, to those who have specific needs from your new smartphone, understanding and comparing the specs are of utmost importance. Camera quality, RAM, display size, Processor used & its speed, the number of cores, internal memory, expandable memory options, weight, etc are some of the factors that differ from each brand and are of prime importance. So based on your usage each specification becomes more relevant than the other. An example would be: people interested in Photography and capturing unique videos, the quality & number of cameras and their unique functions are to be considered more. People who like to multitask and perform complex presentations on the go, need to have higher RAM and multi-core processors with flagship chipsets. Those involved in intense gaming have to ensure adequate display size, higher RAM, and ultra-fast processors for a smooth gaming experience. Display size and the phone weight are more concerned by Binge watchers. Phone repairs in Adelaide can give more insight into specifications that might be relevant to your lifestyle.


5. Budget

The final but most basic point to consider when buying a phone is the size of your wallet. One thing you need to understand is that marketing companies are paid billions of dollars to promote Flagship phones and to invoke a feeling of desire for their brands in your mind using various tactics. Although the features they highlight may be available on your current phone but with lesser technology, you need to consider if it is worth investing in a new phone for something that may not make much of a difference in your day-to-day life. Giving in to peer pressure is one of the top reasons for unwise investments in extravagant smartphones. Consider the possibility of the phone getting damaged or stolen and opt for an extended warranty and insurance if at all you decide on giving in to the temptations. Also, consider the option of a refurbished phone which may cut your expense in half. Also for cheap repairs, you can always consider Phone repairs in Adelaide.


Purchasing a new phone is always exciting since it allows you to correct mistakes you made with your previous phone choice.


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