5 ways to make your phone last longer

Many of us upgrade to the latest smartphones for the sake of upgrading without using it to the fullest. So what happens if we throw away our phones without using them to the fullest? Have you ever thought about the impact? Constantly changing your phone result in a huge amount of e-waste? Both Apple and Samsung have bought a revolutionary change. They have declared that they would be selling new phones without the charger. This is indeed a revolutionary move towards reducing e-waste which is highly generated by the dumbing of electronic devices. The best way to overcome this issue is to make your phone last longer and using it to the fullest. So how can we make our phones last longer? Let’s have a look at 5 ways to make your phone last longer.

  • Battery health
  • Avoid exposing the phone to high temperatures
  • Get a good case
  • Install updates
  • Quality repairs
  • Battery health

Some people still have no clue on how to charge your phone with proper care. Down here are some tips to maintain your phone’s battery health.

  • Don’t let your battery drain to 0%.
  • Don’t charge your phone overnight.
  •  Unplug your phone once it’s reached full charge.
  • Store your phone at 50%
  • Avoid exposing the phone to extreme temperatures

Extreme temperature can have damages like data loss, battery issues, corruption, etc. Avoid exposing your phone to extreme hot and cold temperature to protect your phone from causing internal issues.

Follow these tips when you have to face such situations.

  • Take your phone out of your pocket
  • Do not leave your phone in the car
  • Avoid charging your phone in direct sunlight
  • Avoid charging phone under blankets and pillows
  • Get a good case

If you want your phone to last longer, then get a good case. The chances are high in dropping the phones. By using screen protector, tempered glass, and a good quality case will protect your phone to an extend.

  • Install updates

So we have taken the necessary steps to ensure external protection.

It is also very important to secure our phone internally by keeping its operating system and apps up to date. The main reason why all manufacturers encourage software update is security. Make sure that you disable or uninstall unused apps to avoid slow functioning and for lasting longer. Also, enabling new features make everything easier. So when the next update notification pops up, do not ignore it.

  • Quality repairs

Even if you take proper care of your phone, you might experience some issues. Issues like screen replacement, battery replacement, dysfunction of the camera, microphone, etc require quality repairs from the best service centre deliver quality Phone repairs in Adelaide. Quality repairs will help you to resolve small issues so that you don’t have to replace them every single time.

It is always better to use your phone with utmost care. Repair rather than replace as it is beneficial to the society, to the repair centre and you. The cost of repairing is much less when compared to replacing. Visit the best Phone repairs in Adelaide for quality phone repairs and also to make your phone last longer.