How to find the best third-party iPod Repair Company in Adelaide?

iPod repairs in Adelaide

The iPod was first launched by Apple in 2001 and was an instant success. It is still used by many users due to its huge storage capacities, intuitive interface, and total control over various forms of media. There are 4 types of iPods sold by Apple: the shuffle, the nano, the classic, and the touch. The shuffle and nano are both minuscules in size- their combined weight is about an ounce. The classic and touch are also small enough to fit inside the front pocket of a pair of skinny pants and carry some of the more complex advantages. Now that Apple has discontinued these classics, repairing your beloved iPod can be a challenge. Read along to know how to find the best third-party iPod Repair Company in Adelaide.

Finding the best third-party iPod Repairs in Adelaide

Once your AppleCare is expired, out of warranty repairs & replacements through Apple can be quite expensive. Third-party Apple iPod repairs are available everywhere but not all of them use quality parts and/or even know exactly what they're doing. Here are some factors to keep in mind when searching for a third-party iPod repair company.

  • Online Reviews
  • Budget
  • Part quality
  • Warranty
  • Repair time frame


Online Reviews

Checking the online review of the repair centre is usually the first thing to do. See if they have an official website, Facebook, or Twitter page and see what other people have to say about them. In case you find a shady online presence, it is recommended to look for another option. Any reliable repair company would gladly accept their feedback in a public forum, whether positive or negative, for other potential customers to see.
When considering a mailing in option for your iPod, finding quality information about the repair centre online is vital. Walk-ins gives the advantage to evaluate on a face to face basis but mail-ins take that factor away. Communicate with them on the phone or at the very least, via email, before driving up to the repaid centre. If there is no contact phone number and/or physical address listed, chances are that they are either out of business or fraudulent. 


A reputable repair shop would always be open about its pricing and will not hesitate to give a quote before beginning the repair.  When it comes to paying for a repair, prices may vary based on many factors. But the key thing to remember is that Cheaper isn't necessarily always better.

While it makes sense to get a good deal on something, a repair of your iPod isn't something we recommend compromising on. If someone is offering to perform a seemingly costly repair at throwaway prices & offers a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They are probably using counterfeit parts that have an extremely high defect rate. 

Part quality

You always have an option to ask a repair company what kind of parts they use or where they source these parts from. Great deals are given by Suppliers to repair centres depending on their monthly order. Higher discounts for a wholesaler account. When it comes to part quality, reliable repair centres never compromise on it.


The warranty for a repair can only be provided by reliable repair centres that have highly qualified technicians. Any issues that arise post-repair will be under the warranty of the repair centre for a period of 3-6 months. Also if your device is damaged by the repair centre, they should be willing to take responsibility and do the needful.

Repair time frame

This is probably the biggest concern of all since the time period quoted may be longer than expected. An organised repair centre will be able to predict the world load and inform the time frame needed based on the amount of repair work there is on your device. Minor repairs can be resolved while you wait and major repairs may need to be given overnight or for few days. 
For common repairs on iPods, don't agree to leave your device for more than a few hours.

Daddys Phones: the best iPod repairs in Adelaide

Daddys Phones is a famous repair centre situated in Greenacres SA, Australia that is renowned for the Apple iPod repairs. Having highly qualified technicians and years of experience handling Apple products, Daddys Phones have risen to the top with sheer dedication and exemplary customer service. 
Daddys Phones specializes in all kinds of iPod repairs in Adelaide and offers a multitude of services such as water damage, LCD replacement, charging point repairs and any other kind of iPod repairs. By using the original parts and manufacturer-approved alternatives only, we ensure the issues are fixed without affecting the performance of the device. Daddys Phones have some of the most experienced iPod technicians available in Australia to repair your precious device in as little time as possible. We provide appointment slots to ensure your time is well spent and we can deliver our promise of the fastest turnaround time.

The technicians stay updated on technology and updated features on iPods and other gadgets. The search for the best iPod repairs in Adelaide ends in Daddys Phones.