How and Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired in Adelaide

iPhone repairs Adelaide

The iPhone has easily become the most commonly used phone in Australia. Launched in June 2007, it has always set the standards for high-quality cameras and user interfaces of its generation. And because of this fact, iPhone repairs have also become very popular with almost all repair shops being equipped to repair minor damages. Apple offers a warranty and extended warranty as well when you purchase the phone. If your Apple manufacturer warranty has expired, the reasonable option would be to approach a reliable iPhone repairs Adelaide.
Staying away from your beloved iPhone is pretty devastating and thankfully, iPhone Screen Repairs are completed within 30 minutes in most iPhone repairs South Australia. But with countless repair shops in Adelaide, one must be wondering about how and where to get your iPhone repaired in Adelaide?

Will You Be Able To Repair Your iPhone In Third-Party Shops?

This question always looms around in consumers’ minds. Since the iPhone essentially is a handheld device, it will be subject to damages many times in its lifetime. As an Apple consumer, a good amount has to be shelled out initially to purchase the iPhone. So when it comes to its repairs, people seldom hesitate to get the best repairs possible, especially if the warranty period is still intact. Earlier, Apple only suggested taking the devices directly to the Apple repair centre and nowhere else. When your iPhone screen breaks or other parts of your iPhone are damaged, there are 4 options currently: 

  • You can get your iPhone repaired by Apple employees by visiting an Apple store. 
  • You can get it repaired by Apple-certified technicians at an authorized store. 
  • You can go to a third-party repair shop.
  • Repair it yourself using a DIY Parts Service

Perhaps due to the increasing volume or the infeasibility of setting up a repair centre in remote locations, Apple has come up with a few innovative solutions to ensure that their customers always enjoy the top class service. Apple announced the Independent Repair Provider Program to make it easier to repair out-of-warranty iPhones. This means that independent third-party repair shops will be also able to access official repair parts and tools, in addition to Apple Authorized Service Providers. This option is extended for Apple products like the iPhone and Mac. 

Access to official parts and tools is already available with Authorized Service Providers and you can get a free repair if your iPhone is under warranty. Apple will pay back the authorized repair shop directly once they submit the invoice copy.

Any repairs done by inexperienced technicians and/or with incompatible spare parts could result in mixed or poor experiences that don’t perform as well as official parts. With the release of the new program, even non-Apple-authorised repair centres can also apply for the same and get genuine Apple spare parts if they are deemed eligible by Apple. Currently, they have introduced this program in a few countries across the world(including Australia)Apple says that it has plans to expand the program to more countries in the future.

Overall this is great news for customers, as they can enjoy an overall improved quality of repairs even at third-party repair shops at reduced service charges. 

How And Where To Get Your iPhone Repaired In Adelaide

As per Apple’s policies, service on the iPhone will not be performed if the serial number has been altered or the product has failed due to accident, abuse, liquid spill or submersion, neglect, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), misuse, unauthorized modification, extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes as they come under “Service Exclusions”. In fact, Apple will return your device to you without servicing it and may charge you the Diagnostic Fee that could go up to AUD 100. 

On the contrary, taking your iPhone to a trusted iPhone repairs south Australia like Daddys Phones could help you to realise the depth of the damage and choose your repairs at your convenience. 

Daddys Phones, The Best iPhone Repairs In Adelaide

Daddys Phones is one of the leading iPhone repairs Adelaide that make sure that all customers are treated equally and repair commitments made are always kept. The plethora of gifted and highly experienced technicians make it possible for a speedy repair/ replacement of your beloved iPhone while you wait. Also, the tie-ups with all major OEM manufacturers ensure spare parts availability for any and all models of Apple products. Every repair comes with a predefined warranty of 90 days from the date it is repaired. We can say with confidence that once you approach us, you will forget about other repair centres.