iPad Repairs. Your Questions Answered

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Apple has launched many innovative devices since its inception. They were able to capture the audience like no other brand by thinking from a user perspective. Today its a status symbol and everyone competes to get their hands on the latest flagship devices as soon as it hits the market. Although its relatively more expensive than its Android counterparts, Apple has its army of loyal customers who will only purchase Apple products. Such is the success of marketing and quality assurance.

However, unlike other brands, repairs are a totally different ball game. Repairing an Apple product may not always be cost-effective if the extent of the damage goes beyond a certain level. Also if your warranty has expired, getting the device repaired from an Apple showroom may burn a hole in your pocket. So naturally, the next option is to search for reliable repair shops that have a good reputation and customer review rating to repair your device.

Earlier Apple tried to ward off users away from independent repair shops by voiding the warranty for such repairs. But Apple no longer tampers with your warranty with the Right to Repair movement gaining traction and even allows such shops to purchase genuine Apple products. Apple also offers an Independent Repair Provider Program to provide out-of-warranty repair service for iPhones to selected independent shops.


Apple’s iPad is a touchscreen tablet PC that launched in 2010. It had gained much popularity during the early days as a portable computer that was lighter than a conventional laptop or MacBook. Today iPads are common in homes, offices, schools, and even hospitals. Its display has 3 layers: An LCD glass that has an oleophobic (oil-repelling) coating that resists fingerprints, a touch-sensitive layer, and a sheet of glass. The main benefit is also its worst enemy: since it is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around, the chances of dropping also increases significantly. iPad repairs Adelaide can help with any damage that occurs to the screen and based on the severity will suggest a repair or replacement.


The first thing to do when your iPad requires repair is to check if you are within the warranty period offered by Apple. If not then check if you had signed up for the Apple care protection plan. The AppleCare Protection Plan gives you hardware coverage up to two years from the day you bought your iPad. This Plan could have been within one year of buying your iPad.


Below mentioned are the most common reasons that your iPad will not turn on along with ideas on how to troubleshoot them from your end before taking them to a repair shop.


1. Battery

Just like the other devices of Apple, the battery may not have an extensive life as much as its competition. The modern-day iPad uses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery that can hold a charge up to 11,560 mAh. Over usage may accelerate battery depletion.

In case of low battery, a battery icon will flash on the screen even if it powered down which is your warning to plug it in. In some rare cases, it may even take 20-30 minutes for the iPad to turn on. If the time exceeds that, then it is possible that the battery has a complaint. iPad repairs Adelaide can help with battery replacements and other complaints.


2. Charging Cord/Port

Another reason for the iPad not powering up could be the charging cord or the port. Ensure the charging cord has no breaks, kinks, or frayed wires and see that the cord is firmly plugged into the iPad and the charger. In case if there is any debris in your charger or iPad charging port gently remove it using a Q-tip, plastic paperclip, or toothpick. You may want to try moving to another outlet and even try plugging into another Apple device that is compatible. In case if the charger works, you may need to seek out an iPad repair specialist because the port may have a complaint that prevents the charge to reach the battery.

Another reason why your iPad may appear to be switched off is the reduced screen brightness. Try correcting this using Siri or manual override.


3. System Updates

In case of a screen freeze(something very rare in iPads) forcing your iPad to restart can help the background updates to get completed. System updates are essential for iPads to function properly.

Long press the Home and Power at the same time and continue until you see the Apple logo on the screen after which it will power off completely to restart. In spite of timely updates, if the software issue persists, you may want to consult an iPad repairs Adelaide.


4. Damage

Since the iPad is used by many family members, the level of caution will also vary. Some damages may not always seem bad at first and will go noticed until the device starts showing erratic patterns. Once you do notice them, meticulously check for Cracks on the Screen, Charging Port Debris deposits, Liquid Damage Between Screen Layers, unresponsive buttons, malfunctioning speakers, and overheating trouble. Some damages, if left unrepaired may cause the device to crash and eventually become unserviceable. So periodically do a check of the iPad for anomalies.


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