iPhone 6 Battery Issues and Solutions

How often you find your iPhone 6 battery drained up? It might vary for different people and they have trolled iPhone 6 so much and called Apple ‘, not customer friendly’. But have you tried out solving the issue? We always go for home remedies before any professional treatment just like that before thinking about iPhone 6 battery replacement, one should always think about the possible solutions before them. You can easily find the iPhone 6 battery replacement in Adelaide. But please make sure that you read this before you replace your battery.

iPhone 6 battery has heard enough blames. What are the common issues with the battery?

  • iPhone battery drains so fast and shuts down on its own.
  • iPhone requires frequent charging
  • iPhone battery expired so fast and had to be replaced

But usually, these issues can also occur either due to the applications that you have downloaded or the software. No worries it can be solved.

First, you have to understand how you use the phone and what consumes your battery. So go to your Settings and find out the option for the battery. Scroll down the list under the head, battery to find Battery usage and standby features. Note it down on a paper. Try switching off the phone and then switch it on after 5 minutes. Repeat the above instructions and if the usage and standby feature increase by 1 minute then your phone is fine and if it is more than 1 minute, it is not normal. We have to continue troubleshooting and if it is not working, we might have to go for iPhone 6 battery replacement.

Further steps are, 

  • Disable Bluetooth and Cellular data. Disable Bluetooth to avoid them pairing with your devices. Turning Bluetooth and Cellular data off while you are not using it would help avoid unwanted power usage.
  • Disable Location Services and Application Refresh features running in the background. Certain applications use all features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and thus consumes a lot of power which results in the battery draining out.
  • Check your Internet connection and cellular range. A poor internet connection and cellular range can consume a lot of your power so either change your internet connection or switch to flight mode to avoid your draining out so fast.
  • Update or Remove Mobile Applications Update the mobile applications on a timely basis because if you do not update your mobile applications regularly you might end up with low battery as each update has bug fixes in the absence of which the application consumes a lot of power. Remove unwanted applications that might consume a lot of battery power.
  • Update or Restore or Reset your iPhone settings

Updating the iOS as soon as an update is notified. Restoring or resetting your iPhone to your original settings will erase your existing data and you can use your phone just how you received it but it is only recommended if your battery drains out so fast and the above solutions did not work out.

You can opt for your battery replacement only if every solution mentioned above fails. There are a lot of repair shops that offer iPhone 6 battery replacement in Adelaide and you could approach them if none of the above solutions works out.