Commonly Asked Questions About iPhone Screen Replacement

 iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhones are truly amazing phones and we are all glad it exists. Its fluidic touch screens and high-resolution screens play an important role, probably the most important role, in maintaining the fan base. So a crack in the screen not only hampers the display, it breaks the heart of the owner. With the exorbitant amount it costs to purchase any new iPhone, one would naturally wonder why they haven’t figured out the technology to make it shatterproof. Some damages are minor and might only crack the protective screen guard. For heavier blows, the screen itself will be damaged and would require you to part ways with the phone, even momentarily, to get it replaced. So read along to get an insight about screens and know the commonly asked questions about iPhone screen replacement

Why Isn’t iPhone Screen Shatterproof?

As per the technology currently available in the market, we are a long way from getting a totally shatterproof screen that can be implemented on our handheld devices and still make it affordable. The iPhone comes with one of the most used shatter-resistant glass covers in the market which is the highly durable and resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Even so, these acclaimed shatterproof and powerful glasses are unable to withhold a smash or drop-off beyond a certain force. Corning even launched its latest Gorilla Glass 5 with the claims to withstand the falling force from a man’s shoulder height(approx 6Feet) without shattering. But does the phone ever slip out from our hand in the exact horizontal position as advertised? Then again, the glass shattering reduces some of the impacts on the internal screen structure.

A shattered screen does not hinder the operation, does it?

Apart from bad aesthetics and ridicule from your friends and family, you might not have any sort of functional difficulty using your iPhone with a broken screen. However, sometimes the symptoms can take time to show the depth of the damage. Using the iPhone with a broken screen can further worsen the problem, and surely the screen will glitch until it finally becomes unresponsive. So, better get it checked out with a professional iPhone repairs Adelaide instead of postponing the inevitable.

Isn’t Self Repair an Option?

Attempting a DIY phone repair at home using iPhone Screen Fix Kits that come equipped with all of the tools and parts necessary to replace the screen yourself is possible. It is going to be so much cheaper than taking it to an authorized Apple center. But unless you are crafty enough to avoid damaging any other parts in the process, we recommend utilizing professional help in this matter. If you are worried about an expired Applecare plan, don’t fret. Just walk into Daddys Phones for a cheap and effective iPhone screen replacement Adelaide.

What are the different replacement/repair options?

As you may be aware, any sort of damage or break incurred from the customers’ side is not covered in Apple’s official warranty. Meaning a shattered screen due to your fault can’t be claimed under your warranty. 

The two viable possibilities at this point are to get your iPhone screen repaired/replaced. Either choose from Apple’s official repair shop or choose a reliable third-party iPhone repair shop to get the job done at a fraction of the cost. If you choose the second option, depending on the budget and availability, there are 3 options available for iPhone display as shown below: 

1. Lowest Priced and Inferior Quality Aftermarket Display

Available at all shops you can buy this anytime for iPhone screen replacement. The only advantage of this display variant is the cheap solutions offered for screen replacement. It is used because of its easy availability and throwaway prices.

However, don’t expect any quality in this duplicate product. It may not even be close to the pixel ratio, color scheme, and brightness of the original screen. They are characterized by a dull shine and often display less vibrant colors. The touch may not be as smooth as the original screens and it interferes with the 3D touch experience. Another drawback is the duplicate connectors, which may eventually damage other original board components in the iPhone.

2. Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) Pulls

Advanced in terms of price and quality, OEM is more like a replica of the original parts that Apple suppliers make for their new iPhone assembly.  The OEM has enhanced brightness, a better color scheme, a more saturated contrast ratio, and a vibrant pixel ratio when compared to the aftermarket display. Even so, it is not as good as the original iPhone screen because the connectors are still duplicates.

Though the OEM pull screen is more pleasing to the eyes, the difference can be felt when handling the phone like the navigation is not easy, the touch is no longer as smooth as before, and other minor issues are enough to make us notice. Sometimes they can cause some sensor issues in the latest iPhone models like disabled ambient light sensors or adjustment issues with screen brightness.

3. OEM Refurbished Part

When an iPhone’s screen cracks up, without affecting the display, some global vendors buy and sell these cracked units as “buyback units”. They paste the cold-pressed glass to make the whole display unit similar to the original. Hence, they are termed refurbished.

Concerning its overall functionality, the refurbished part assures the display is original. The restored part ensures that the original screen touch experience is maintained. Another reason why the OEM refurbished part is a better option is the advanced Colour scheme with a pixel ratio of cent percent accuracy. The OEM refurbished screen has the original display unit and the original connectors (IC and Flex cable), thereby guaranteeing accuracy in functionality and navigation because. They are made resistant to iOS updates in an attempt to further enhance the performance. 

Comparing all three options, a certified OEM refurbished screen is the best option available.

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