Is iPhone 11 Still Worth Buying?

Is iPhone 11 Still Worth Buying?

iPhones have risen to popularity due to their spectacular user interface along with the extensive marketing across the globe. People who start using Apple products seldom move to Android or other options available(if any). Since the last few years, Apple has consistently launched new Flagship models with iPhone 11 being launched in September 2019. It was a highly anticipated model with a larger display and the latest tech at the time with their iconic A13 Bionic chip and larger battery size. So if you are still using an earlier version of the iPhone and do not have the budget to shell out for the latest iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, you may find asking yourself  “Is iPhone 11 Still Worth Buying?”


Why you should buy iPhone 11 over other iPhones?

iPhone features are one of the most awaited and shared searches online. Even other phone users are aware of the flagship specs hoping to upgrade to the iPhone someday. So let us mention the key differentiating features of the iPhone 11 from its predecessors.

Display Size: 6.1 inches: Until a few years ago, iPhone screen size was a losing point in the debate against Android vs iPhone. But it changed with the introduction of 6.1” liquid retina IPS LCD in iPhone 11. A larger display size enabled a better viewing experience for binge-watchers and even gamers. 


Chipset: A13 Bionic(7nm+): The introduction of the new chipset saw a 20% higher speed than A12 along with 4-5 hours increased battery life due to optimized processing. The new chip’s speed allowed it to shoot 4K video at 60 fps with HDR enabled. The AI of the iPhone 11’s A13 processor is 6 times faster compared to the A12 processor.


Memory: 4GB RAM and 256 GB(up to) internal: The RAM affects your phone’s speed when using many apps simultaneously and even the phone’s overall responsiveness. A higher RAM enabled multitasking at higher speeds.


Battery Backup: Li-Ion 3110 mAh: The battery backup of a new phone stays long when it is new. However, iPhone 11 batteries have stood the test of time and users have confirmed that it easily lasts a whole day on a single full charge. In fact, it easily beats the iPhone 12 which has only 2815 mAh and gives approximately 4 hours of battery life more when compared to the iPhone 12. 


However, the lesser screen time is also a result of the fact that the iPhone 11 does not support 5G. Also, the LCD screen draws relatively much lower power compared to the OLED in the other models. This was actually well received with the iPhone fans since OLED screens promised more vivid colours and higher resolution but the constant need to juice the battery made it a hassle. 


Price: A$999(64GB): The iPhone 11 with all its benefits and technical marvel, still costs less than A$1000 which is quite a bargain considering the multitude of specifications it has to offer. Besides, not being the newest iPhone in the market likely means significant discounts on the iPhone 11, especially if the iPhone 13 which is due to be out in September 2021, actually does get launched amidst the pandemic. The latest flagship phones always bring down the cost of their earlier models and may discontinue the production of their predecessors. However, the iPhone 11 was a pretty popular phone and it still is, so finding a new iPhone 11 with many retail stores may not be difficult for years to come. Also refurbished iPhone 11 from trusted sources can be available at half the price of a new phone. Many network carriers also offer EMI options with the monthly bill when you intend to purchase a new iPhone. iPhone 11 Repairs Adelaide are also cheaper compared to the latest models available now. 


Drawbacks of iPhone 11

Weight: 194 g: Although the curved edges make it easier to hold the iPhone 11, the fact that it weighs a whopping 30g more than iPhone 12 is a concern for many users. When you add the much required back cover for protection against damages, the overall weight will increase even further. This is a slight setback in the otherwise wonderful device from Apple. 


Lack of 5G: With the advent of 5G, all new models come equipped with the technology to support 5G. It is estimated that by 2023, all phones will use 5G and the lack of 5G support may be a concerning factor for iPhone 11. 5G speed almost matches wired broadband speeds and will be critical to play high-resolution videos in the future.


When all things considered, iPhone 11 is still a pretty decent phone and for the price range, owning a marvellous device of such calibre can easily suffice for at least 2-3 years. But then again, it will depend on the user’s phone usage and demography when deciding if they can afford to stay without the 5G option included. Daddys Phones is a leading iPhone repairs Adelaide having experienced technicians who can repair your iPhone in a jiffy at affordable prices.