Most common Apple watch problems and their solutions

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Apple Watch, which comes equipped with excellent features, is undoubtedly one of the great wearable accessories available in the market. Although the Apple Watch is designed in a smart way to perform exceptionally well, it is not free of bugs and few glitches that users face. Many problems faced have practical solutions that can be solved at home itself, but some may require the expertise of a trained professional who has experience handling the various generation of Apple Watches. We have listed some of the most common Apple watch problems and their solutions.

Apple Watch and Why you should buy them?

The Apple Watch was launched to the world in April 2015. So after 6 years, the question of whether you should get an Apple Watch or not really comes down to how compelling any of its main features are for your lifestyle. Those features include not only timekeeping but notifications and communications, health and fitness tracking, HomeKit automation and the revolutionary Apple Pay. Most of the functions that can be done on an Apple Watch can be done on an iPhone but not as conveniently.

●    Timekeeping:  The fad seen now is to pull out your phone and check the time because phones can do so much more than a traditional watch. Well, how the tables have turned! Apple watches have overtaken phones with their sheer convenience.

●    Notifications: Receive instant notifications of various apps and check them on the OLED watch screen.

●    Health & Fitness: Here is where it gets interesting. Track your heartbeats using the built-in heart-rate monitor on the latest Apple Watch. A perfect training partner for your morning jogs.

●    Communication: The basic phone and messaging features available on the Apple Watch gives a James Bond Vibe. Answer calls and messages and talk into the Watch like a spy.

●    Apple Pay: Apple’s security measures are very famous and the Apple Pay included in the Apple Watch ensures that no pin or card details are to be entered for payment. 

●    Remote Control: Control Apple TV, iPhone Camera and much more using voice recognition facility. 

But all these benefits are bestowed only to iPhone holders since the Apple Watch still requires to be paired with an iPhone for effective usage. Android users need to weigh their choices if they want to make the leap to iPhone and Apple Watch. 

Most common Apple watch problems and their solutions

1.    Charging Issues
2.    Bluetooth Pairing Issues
3.    Poor Battery life between charges
4.    Notification issues
5.    Watch Apps crashing
6.    Software Update Issues
7.    Digital Crown Issues
8.    Screen falls off
9.    Activity tracking issues
10.  Siri not responding

Charging Issues:
Once connected to the charging cradle, a green bolt appears on the screen that indicated it is charging. If it does not appear, then check if the magnetic charging cable is pushed all the way into the adapter and charger. Clean the back of the charger and the watch. If needed, try using a different charger. 

Pairing Issues:

Apple Watch’s connection dropping frequently or sometimes not connecting to Bluetooth headphones at all, are common issues about which many Apple Watch users have complained. Re-pairing the Bluetooth in the iPhone by toggling the Airplane mode on and off should help. If that doesn’t help, try restarting the Apple Watch as well

Poor Battery life between charges:

Poor battery life is common across most Apple devices. Apple Watches are no exception. Ideally, a single full charge should get you through the day. If you notice the battery draining more than usual, try reducing the battery, turning off the accelerometer and gyroscope features and other features that are not frequently needed. For dire situations, switch to the power reserve mode to show the time only and nothing else.

Notification issues:

Getting instant notifications on the watch is one of the keenest features that Apple Watches are widely used for. If notifications are not arriving on the watch and only on the phone, check to see if the DND switch is ON. Even after disabling the DND switch, if the issue persists try repairing the iPhone and individually checking the apps on the phone to see if the notification is turned on.

Watch Apps crashing:

Just like the Apps on the iPhone, the ones on the Apple watch also crash or freezes without warning. This is a major turndown since you can’t fully depend on the watch alone then. Check to see if the said Apps are up to date and if yes, try reinstalling them. 
Software Update Issues:

Sometimes the Apple Watch can refuse to download and update to the latest software version released by Apple. The software update is a key factor for the effective functioning of the watch. Try installing the file again after deleting the first file, by going to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Restart the Watch and try once again.

Digital Crown Issues:

The nifty button that powers much of the Apple Watch’s menu navigation could stop turning and/or functioning. This is primarily because of the accumulation of dirt and dust and can easily be resolved by cleaning the same. 

Screen falls off:

This is actually a concern since the screens popping out of the casing can lead to damage very quickly. Try firmly pressing the screen back in the case and avoid vigorous hand swaying. 
It seems the issue lies with faulty batteries that could swell up in size that pushes the screen out due to the space constraint. 

Activity tracking issues:

Tracking the health metrics can sometimes seem inconsistent or may stop altogether. Ensure that the Fitness tracking is enabled in the watch and if yes, try calibrating the same by resetting fitness calibration data. Also, the watch should not be too tight or too loosely worn.

Siri not responding:

Siri not responding to commands can be frustrating, especially in front of your friends. Try restarting the device and repairing the Bluetooth with the iPhone. It should do the trick.

Having said all this, even after these quick remedies if the issue persists and prevents its usage, it would be wise to consult a professional Apple Watch repair centre in Adelaide.

Apple Watch repairs Adelaide

The best place to repair Apple products is always at the Apple showroom, provided you are under the warranty period. Repairing out of warranty can cost you a small fortune itself. There are highly efficient Apple Watch repair centres in Adelaide that can repair the issues at a fraction of the cost. 

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