Phone Repairs During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected significant aspects of our lives in many ways. We spend more time at home with our phones right. Phones are the only way to stay connected with our friends, family, and society. What happens if your phone is cracked or broken? And you are having a faulty Android battery? You don’t have to panic in such situations. You can just reach to our professionals here at Daddys Phones, and get safe phone repairs in Adelaide.

With COVID-19 is shooting, we need to ensure regular sanitization habits, even for our phones. At Daddys Phones, we assure your safety and consider it important more than anything. We follow different techniques to help you disinfect your phone when you give it for repair.

You have 3 options to get your phone repairs in Adelaide,

  • Call for assistance through telephone/ email
  • Send your phone for repairs directly
  • Fix it yourself with our guidance

Call for assistance through telephone/email

If your iPhone is not physically broken, and you are experiencing software or performance issues, use the call option to talk to an employee who can help solve your issue. Our professionals will provide complete assistance to all your doubts regarding not just phone repairs but PCs, laptopsiPhones, and whatnot.

Send your phone for repairs directly

If you are having physical issues like an unresponsive device, broken display, battery replacement, etc, then you can directly walk into our store for phone repairs without any prior appointment. What makes us different from other stores is that you can always walk into our store at any time and we are all equipped to assist you with any issues.

Fix it yourself with our guidance

If your issue is not big and you find it uncomfortable to walk out then, you can fix the issue yourself. We will provide guidance; all you have to do is call or mail us. We will be happy to assist you at in anytime as always.

Whether you are having a broken screen, malfunctioned software, water-damaged device, or battery issues, our team of experts is always ready to help you.