Google Pixel 4A

Express Service For Screen Replacement
Water/Liquid Damage Repairs
Reliable Battery Replacement Services

Google Pixel 4A comes with a 5.8 inches OLED with a resolution of 1080 x 2340. Display clarity is very crucial if you want to enjoy the true essence of the phone completely. Our skilled technicians know how much you love your phone and will ensure precise screen repairs/replacements (depending on the damage) to make your phone look brand new again.

Google Pixel 4A is susceptible to water damage and does not have an IP rating yet. A waterproof cover is a must and major water damage must be supervised by skilled and knowledgeable technicians who can fix almost any water damage. Daddys Phones have highly qualified technicians to ensure the best water damage repair in Adelaide. Not all water damages cost the same and we suggest the most affordable solutions that befit your pocket.

Used devices Repaired

Daddys Phones specialises in offering an express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers along with a wide range of mobile accessories and refurbished devices. Since launching in 2010, We pride ourselves on offering express phone repairs powered by our accredited technicians, on-site at each of our shops, and all our screen repairs are backed by a 180 days warranty*