Solutions for common iPhone problems Adelaide

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Iphones are used and are still dreamed by many because of the exciting features it provides. Every gadget needs to be replaced, be it iPhone or any smartphone. We cannot really expect the phones to last a lifetime. Machines will encounter issues after a particular period. The same is the situation with the iPhone too. We all know that phones are an essential part of our life. That is why we get frustrated even with a small issue.

Some problems might need professional help, other issues may be something you can fix it by yourself. Here, we discuss 5 common iPhone problems and their solutions. Read on.

Rapid Battery Drain

Rapid battery-draining on your iPhone might be a sign of battery replacement or a sign of power-hungry apps. To know whether your iPhone’s power is being used by different apps, Visit Settings > Battery. If you see that one of your apps has a sky-high battery usage, then from your Settings, go to General and then Background App Refresh. Find the app and turn off the background. If still, the iPhone battery issue exists, then it is better to search for iPhone repairs in Adelaide as soon as possible.

Frozen phone

Don’t panic if your iPhone is not working. Restart by pressing both the sleep/wake button and the power button together for older models. For new models press the volume up button, then volume down, then hold the side button.

Cracked screen

It is very difficult to use an iPhone with a cracked screen. We get frustrated every time we look into it. It is always better to replace it otherwise it will become unusable. Look for iPhone repairs Adelaide for iPhone screen repair.

Wi-fi Woes

It is the most common problem that many iPhone users face. The solution is very simple. You just have to switch off and restart your iPhone. Check whether you can connect to Wifi or if not, go to Settings, then go to WiFi and scroll down to the page end, make the HTTP proxy to auto settings. If the issue still continues then visit the iPhone repairs Adelaide.

Water Damage

The latest iPhones are waterproof but if submerged deeply they cannot resist water. If your iPhone gets submerged in the water, then wipe the excess water using a dry cloth or tissue. You just have to remember that switching on the phone causes more trouble. Either you can try the bowl of rice trick or you can contact iPhone repairs Adelaide for repairs.