Types of Screen Protectors for Phones

 Screen Protectors for Phones

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives and the amount of time we spend on them has increased exponentially. It helps to stay connected online 24/7 and entertains us constantly. They have evolved over the years into the power-packed handheld computers of today. But with great sophistication comes risks as well. Every handset company is competing to include the latest technology that offers ultra-realistic screen resolution. So damage to these screens can often cost us very dearly in mobile repairs. The costlier the device, the costlier will be its screen too. 

Although new smartphones boast Gorilla glasses and superior scratch-resistance, using screen protectors for phones as soon you buy them is the wisest thing you can do. Those who skip this part usually regret it in future because once a scratch occurs on your phone screen, it is like having an itch that you can’t reach. Depending on various factors, there are different types of screen protectors for phones.

Types of screen protectors for phone

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • PET Plastic Screen Protector
  • TPU Plastic Screen Protector
  • Privacy Screen Protector
  • Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass has increased strength because it is created by taking glass through different chemical and thermal treatments. It’s also used for safety glasses, car windshields, kitchen appliances apart from cell phone screens. High-quality tempered glasses have been around for some time now and continue to be in high demand for a number of reasons like good light transmittance, pristine display and no delay in its touch interface. Their anti-reflective and glare-reducing features make them unnoticeable after the first few days and have the same look and feel as your cell phone screen. They absorb any scratches or cracks due to bumps that happen if a phone falls flat on its face. You can easily replace them at any Phone repairs Adelaide.

PET Plastic Screen Protector

Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) plastic screen protectors consist of silicone adhesive on one side and polyester film with a matte coating on the other. Using high-quality PET plastic screen protectors adds an anti-scratch layer to the screen. Though these types of screen protectors don’t protrude as much as some tempered glass giving the necessary impact resistance, they are super cheap, light, and thin. One other drawback is that PET is usually a bit stiff and can't go edge-to-edge on phones with curved screens.

TPU Plastic Screen Protector

Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU) plastic is another type of screen protector which is a flexible plastic and feels almost like rubbery plastic. It can however easily be applied edge-to-edge on any phone-curved or not. Compared to PET plastic they have better impact protection with self-healing powers for small scratches. However, this type of mobile screen protector is extremely difficult to apply(if you try yourself) and doesn’t feel as natural as a glass screen protector owing to the innate slight orange tint, which sort of acts as eye protection. Phone repairs Adelaide can easily apply them for you.

Privacy Screen Protector

A privacy screen protector is one of the best screen protectors for you if you use your phone primarily for business purposes where you are afraid to display sensitive information. Privacy screen protectors double as a defence against lurking eyes, as well as trusted screen protectors to keep your display in good condition. These can be either be PET plastic or tempered glass and come with an anti-spy layer that restricts the viewing angle of your phone.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Anti-glare screen protectors have the dual ability to reduce the glare of your screen in bright sunlight with its smooth matte finish coating while also reducing fingerprints. They come in both plastic and tempered glass varieties and keep your screen free of damage. The only downside of anti-glare screen protectors is that tend to form a sort of haze over the screen and thus reduce the clarity of your display. Hence before applying it on your phone, consider whether you’ll be utilizing your phone in bright locations for extended periods of time or mostly indoors. 

What is the best type of mobile screen protector?

It is best not to pay too much attention to the hardness rating that brands usually advertise like the ASTM hardness scale. If you're unsure about the hardness of a specific brand, there are Mohs kits, which are Hardness Test Kit with a toolset of picks allowing you to obtain qualitative relativity for the hardness of your screen guard. 

For most people, a good quality tempered glass protector is more than sufficient. Although they are old school, they prevent the most damage, have the smoothest feel, and are available at frugal prices. If you care more about looks and handle your phone precautiously, you may like PET or TPU better because they become literally invisible once applied to your phone maintaining the structure of the phone as it arrived in the box. Also, such films like TPU can provide edge-to-edge protection on phones with curved screens & self-healing properties.

Daddys Phones, the best phone repairs in Adelaide

With so many choices of phone screen protectors, choosing one online is unwise before actually experiencing it on another phone. Also, applying thin films by yourself without proper training can lead to bubble formation. 

Come to Daddys Phones which is a leading Phone repairs Adelaide that has a wide range of phone accessories including screen protectors for every model available in Australia. Know the difference between each directly from the experts and choose the most suitable one that befits your preference. Moreover, screen protectors will be added to your phones with precision so that no air bubbles remain even once you leave the store. 

In the event, your screen protector was not able to absorb the impact and your phone screen is cracked, you will need to either replace the screen or get it repaired from a reliable mobile repairs shop. So choose the best for your precious device next time.